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Doesn’t always have the range of say, Ebuyer, but there’s time yet :)
You substituted the product I ordered without my knowledge or agreement. If the product I ordered was not in stock at the time of order/payment made, I should have been informed rather than you sending me a substitute and hoping I would accept it to avoid the hassle of having to return it!!
Searching for a specific product works well however casual browsing is confusing.
A pleasure to navigate the website.
I would use other sites such as Mr Memory and Comet in the first instance, and maybe check Ginger6 to make sure I wasn’t paying over the odds.  I bought a laptop last year and was put off by the general feel of the website. It felt out of date, which meant I didn’t feel confident the content was current or trustworthy.
Simple and clean.
I have purchased a couple of systems from you before and each one has been delivered on time and worked really well..I have also told family and friends about Ginger6 who have also purchased systems.
Pretty web size – prices could be better!
You could do a bit of work on the search engine because it is useless. For instance going into cpu’s section, you can only choose the manufacture – what I would like is the option to choose the socket and price range and type of cpu – sorting only by price doesn’t work for me. Trying to search ‘I7′ because I wanted to look for cpu prices gave me 52 results without any means to sort it in any other way than by price (I only wanted cpu’s and I got 54 results, two of witch were processors)- useless
its no better and no worse you just dont have certain items I am interested in
The only computersites I visit often are ink4u and helet packard, HP is very poor bu
Certainly a greater user experience than other online stores with a high street presence.
On some items (PC builds) Ginger6 offers some deals worthy of inspection at least but it does not grab the interest of the customer upon arrival at the website. It is functional but lacks a ‘wow factor’.The Ginger6 name needs to be seen in the wider  www domain regularly so that your company can be in the mindset of people who shop at, for example, Amazon, Ebuyer,  Pixmania as well as more specialist companies like Overclockers,  Kikatek, etc., to name a few as there are many!

One of the tops sites by far in my opinion.
I don’t use any other computing-specialist websites.
I primarily used Google Shopping to find components at the cheapest price from “my” known companies.  So the more often Ginger6 appears in the there, the more likely I am to use the company as I’ve had a good experience from before.
# great layout# v. good selection of products

# v. good pricing on products

# good quantity levels


more variety and reviews of products would be better
Clear and concise layout.
good customisation options
You offer more technical information then most sites, this helped me pick out a suitable upgrade for my computer.
Because I received exactly what I chose and what I bought.
I personally found that the forum was very useful in that other, more experienced users could advise on system requirements and I would often receive a response very quickly.
clear commitment to high quality components
When customising a PC, the price does not update when an upgrade is selected. This may restrict peoples take-up of options since they may not know the current value of their spend, and are less likely to go back once committing to the basket. 

Also when you do add to the basket, for me the update button did not do anything (using Firefox 3.5)and the only way to edit the configuration was to remove from the basket and start all over again.

when buiding up a whitebox spec could it be possible to see the rolling price without going to the checkout.
Over sites make more of effort to separate value range products from premium OC products.
Good site. Easy to use, Great products & price
Your search and filter options need to be better. For instance, if I’m looking for memory I am looking for something very specific; I do not want to have to search through 64 products spread over three pages. The same applies in all sections.
Not as flash looking as some, but it ‘does what it says on the tin’.  For someone who knows what they want, it’s very good.  Possibly not so good for less technically-minded casual surfer.
very good
I find no problem at all with your website.
I’ve noticed on other sites they have more product info next to the links that click on to take you to the page which displays all the product info. But I also noticed you display more products per page than other websites.
Forum not working
I do find your site offers more “performance” PC parts than any other, say ebuyer
i also use ‘scan’, they’re good too
If the layout of images could be sorted it could be much better
good website, easy to find items, good choices.
Your pages load nice and fast. And i like the speedy pick a manufacturer drop down box. i do shop between 3 to 4 specific stores, (and yours is one of them), to clench the best deal. This time was for a f3 1TB drive, you had the best deal because of the FREE postage. Aria, advance Tek, overclockers UK and sre the others.
When specifying a custom pc, the PCI options are limited,. Such as no option for better soundcards.
More reviews needed!
Overclockers UK is quite a good web site for info and reviews.
I prefer your site to the likes of Aria and CCLonline, but I would say I prefer MicroDirect and Scan for layout and ease of narrowing down searches, and as I have to stick to a tight budget I generally end up buying from cheapest source for components/machines.
be clearer to customers on what processing power is best for average home use
You don’t sell everthing but what you do sell – you do right.
seems better than most but nothing really stands out more than other top online shops.
its a little bit sparten but this is a good thing, i personnaly hate too much clutter
excellent website and product and product value.  Have recommended you many times.

I do not particularly look on other web sites as I am quite happy with this site and find the staff very helpful
bit basic lacks flash
Website design is lacking in comparison, although perfectly functional.
I find other web sites are a lot harder to find things that iam looking.
No comment
Great to have such a usefull firm locally – if things do go wrong one can come and kick ? as the Yanks say.
As I mentioned above, this is a great company offering exactly what people need for their computing needs, and very reasonable prices and a larger range of products and product sizes, and with such a fantastic package and postage system, there is nothing to fault!
search and navigation, sub menu are not as good as others
My last purchase was a netbook for my daughter -(usually my boyfriend uses your site for computer components) – itwas cheaper than anywhere else – Amazon was the same price but they charged for the case which came free from your site.There was a problem processing my Barclaycard so I tried again with my Mastercard – 20 mins later I got a phone call from your company telling me that there was clearly a mistake as both payments had gone through – the card was cancelled immediately.

You have well structured product specification available for all items.  Description of stock, price, shipping and availability.  All this on one page as per item.  Easy links to navigate round te web site.
Good price but a bit clunky and ugly.  Ebuyer is nicer to navigate.



See comment above
Novatech and Ebuyer are my two favourite computer shopping sites, especially Novatech, it has really smart, clean pages only lacking quality images and details on products.
i see your main competitos as scan, and overclockers. novatech are possibly as similar company offering a similar range of proucts? your “notifications” are repeated twice. do they even need to be there? the top banner is taking loads of space, i would reduce this, most people don’t phone anyway.
ginger6 is quality!!!
Well, is a great site!
As commented above serch and navigation should be easier
its hard to compete with the sites of massive companys but it does a good job
I have recommended you to a number of people, a few have bought from you as well.
sensible layout easy to navigate
Its great, but i have never seen any advertisments for the company in magazines, so coming across your site was totally random.
Like I say the site navigation lets it down in my opinion.
The Ginger6 website offers far more information on its products than the websites of similar companies, and looks every bit as professional as the largest companies whilst retaining an important quality most websites lack – it has personality, and that makes Ginger6 far more attractive than other companies, which often appear impersonal.

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