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Here is where you’ll find the latest and greatest news about how well Ginger6 are doing in reviews.
Over the past couple of months there has been a strong push from the marketing team to get noticed by top review magazines such as PC Pro, Custom PC, Computer Shopper, PC Format etc, to win reviews and to prove to you that we too can create award winning PC’s and still deliver excellent customer service.
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With the help of Wolverhampton College, Ginger6 has successfully appointed an accountant apprentice. Adam Wright, 17, who is studying Accounts, Economics, Business Studies and Mathematics A-levels, beat 4 other candidates to the post.

“Hearing what qualifications the other candidates had in the group interview was intimidating, but made me want the job more.  I am proud I have got myself a full-time job and won the apprenticeship.” says Adam.

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I am thrilled to tell you we have passed ISO9001:2008 Quality Management Systems certificate, which is an internationally recognised accreditation.

By beginning the ISO9001 process, continual quality standards have to be met which means improving customer service overall. Read the rest of this entry »

I’ve decided to ‘favourite’ this inspirational video on my Youtube Channel as it has help force me to confront my own fears, my indecision and my procrastination….

Watch it and let me know what you think…’s powerful stuff….

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I visited the Gadget Show Live yesterday, and whilst I would have to say that overall I was not mighty impressed with what was on offer, I was impressed by the 3D Vision products on show…(most of which we already offer…). Nvidia was there in strength, with their own display, including a cinema demonstration, which gave you the chance to see first hand, through some nice black Nvidia 3D Vision Glasses, what to expect from gaming, films, pictures etc…. and I have to say I was impressed…3D is the way to go….it brought everything to life, things stepped out of the screen at you and you got a very good feel of distance . It looks like everything is going 3D Computers,3D  monitors, 3D TVs, you can even experience it using a 3D projector…..and it was good.
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Don’t know how many of you follow football, but I am a Wolves fan, and last night we managed to get a fantastic result winning 3-1 at West Ham to lift us 7 points clear of the relegation zone. Now in the last three games (all away), we have collected 7 points, which is an extraordinary result for us….a team of ‘ordinary’ players….

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In total we had 841 people complete our survey, which is a fantastic response…..thank you everyone that took part.

For those of you that took part we shall be emailing you an exclusive promotional code as a little thank you.

So on to the important part….who won the £250 prize……..

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The most important stage of choosing a new PC is deciding exactly what you want it to do…..

A PC is just like a vehicle….do you want to plough a field, or race in Formula 1?

You would not buy a tractor to race in Formula 1, and a finely tuned racing car would be no good for ploughing your fields….

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    Number of Response(s) Response Ratio
Very satisfied 430 51.1%
Somewhat satisfied 308 36.6%
Neutral 82 9.7%
Somewhat dissatisfied 12 1.4%
Very dissatisfied 3 <1%
No Responses 6 <1%
Total 841 100%
    Number of Response(s) Response Ratio
Google / Search Engine 514 61.1%
Magazine (please state magazine below) 141 16.7%
Friend/colleague 157 18.6%
Company materials 15 1.7%
Employees 7 <1%
Other 76 9.0%
Total 841 100%

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    Number of Response(s) Response Ratio
Seeking company information 6 <1%
Seeking product information 462 54.9%
Seeking contact information 14 1.6%
Product purchase 313 37.2%
Other 40 4.7%
No Responses 6 <1%
Total 841 100%

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    Number of Response(s) Response Ratio
Daily 14 1.6%
Weekly 229 27.2%
Monthly 384 45.6%
Quarterly 174 20.6%
Annually 30 3.5%
No Responses 10 1.1%
Total 841 100%
    Number of Response(s) Response Ratio
You were able to find exactly what you were looking for 406 48.2%
You were able to find a part of what you were looking for 264 31.3%
You were able to find something better than what you were looking for 136 16.1%
You were not able to find what you were looking for 60 7.1%
You had no specific agenda in mind when you visited 188 22.3%
Total 841 100%
Top number is the count of respondents selecting the option. Bottom % is percent of the total respondents selecting the option. Well Below Average Below Average Average Above Average Well Above Average
Ease of navigation 10 23 223 453 124
1% 3% 27% 54% 15%
Freshness of content 8 22 315 364 122
1% 3% 38% 44% 15%
Accuracy of information 6 7 199 423 187
1% 1% 24% 51% 23%
Quality of content 6 17 202 434 169
1% 2% 24% 52% 20%
Quantity of content 5 26 296 360 139
1% 3% 36% 44% 17%
Layout/design 15 59 286 345 120
2% 7% 35% 42% 15%
Customer support 6 19 261 301 216
1% 2% 33% 37% 27%
Meeting your needs 12 29 236 372 170
1% 4% 29% 45% 21%
112 Comment(s)    

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    Number of Response(s) Response Ratio
Yes 745 88.5%
Maybe 71 8.4%
Dont Know 10 1.1%
Unlikely 5 <1%
Never 2 <1%
No Responses 8 <1%
Total 841 100%