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Graphics Card: A Gamers Best Friend

The war between ATI and Nvidia continues…

ATI and Nvidia are one of the leaders of the GPU market. When you come to upgrade your graphics card you usually have to choose between similarly priced and positioned products from these two manufactures. But how do you know if ATI or Nvidia is better?

There are two brands of graphic cards, Nvidia and ATI (Known as AMD), both offer separate platforms that allow multiple graphics cards to run on one system.

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One of the main questions when buying a new PC is choosing the processor. Some people will stick to what they know, other people won’t have a clue. But there’s one thing for sure, its 50/50!

Intel and AMD are the leading manufacturers when it comes to CPU’s, and im going to give you my take.

Personally, I will choose AMD over Intel. And not because I feel AMD is better performance, and far from it. I look at it like this:

AMD = Price/Performance
Intel = Performance

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Buying a new computer can be very difficult! You will be faced with two options: A Laptop or a desktop PC, of course this will depend on your personal preference and budget!

If you’re currently in the process of purchasing a new computer and are stuck for decisions don’t worry, I can help!

If you’re like me, price is usually a big factor  but it’s more important that you get what you     need!

Desktops and laptops are becoming very close in their capability which is why choosing what’s right for you can be a hard decision! Generally speaking, you’re going to pay more for a laptop than a comparable desktop Computer. On the other hand a laptop might be suitable for you as it is an all-in-one device that is portable, it can be carried with you from room to room, between home and work or even used on the road!  ‘ If you’re not always going to be using your computer in the same place, then maybe a laptop will be more suitable for  you.’ Read the rest of this entry »

Sick and tired of slow loading applications? Ever wanted your PC ready to use in under 20 seconds from the moment you press the on button?

No, it’s not fantasy! A Solid State Drive can do this effortlessly. By reading this blog, you’ll have all the knowledge and understanding you need to be able to increase your PC’s performance dramatically, or make the tough choice when buying your new PC to spend a little more for greater performance.

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Operating Systems such as Windows and Linux are usually pretty simple to set up. Majority of the time the Operating System will boot up from disc, however on some occasions you may have to load a different way. In this blog I will take you through a step-by-step process in how to successfully install a Windows 7 Operating System. Please note that for each operating system and motherboards there will be various ways to install the Operating System; this is for Windows 7 only.

Clean Install – Windows 7

1.       Turn PC on
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It’s a given that from time to time your PC will get dusty, even in the most tidiest of houses. That’s why we have created this step by step process for you to keep your PC working in tip-top condition.

Equipment needed:

  • Microfiber cloth
  • Can of compressed air
  • Handful of cotton buds
  • Antibacterial wipes

It’s not just your home that needs a good spring cleaning. Your PC and peripherals accumulate dust and grime and require on-going attention just like any other frequently used appliance. You need to clean the keyboard, mouse, and screen, of course, but you shouldn’t neglect the interior, as well. Dust build-up inside your PC’s case can lead to overheating and component failure. Follow our simple cleaning schedule to keep your machine spick-and-span.

Step 1: Once a week: Clean your keyboard

Studies have shown that more bacteria live on each square inch of a typical office desk than on the same area of a typical office toilet seat. The reason: The bathroom gets cleaned with disinfectants fairly regularly, but most PC users dust their desks and keyboards only occasionally, at best. This neglect can turn your keyboard into a Petri dish, especially if you often eat near your PC.

To help keep your desk area germ-free, clean your keyboard once a week. Start by holding it upside down and gently shaking it to dislodge any crumbs. Large particles like food debris can make keys unresponsive. Next, take a can of compressed air (available at most electronics retailers) and use the straw-like nozzle to blow out dust from between the keys. These steps should extend the life of your keyboard and keeps it working like new.

The scarier thought, of course, is what you can’t see: germs thriving on your keytops and mouse surface. At least once a week—and certainly more often during cold and flu season—gently wipe the keys with a moist antibacterial wipe. It’s best to do this when your PC is off, so you don’t corrupt any programmes you may have open as you press all the keys. Let’s not forget to wipe down your mouse, too.

In addition to your keyboard and mouse, it’s also wise to clean your monitor once a week using a microfiber cloth. If that doesn’t do the job, use a slightly moistened, soft cloth. Avoid cleansers that aren’t specially formulated for LCDs; stick to water, as polish smears the screen.

Step 2: Once a month: Clear the fans

When it comes to your PC’s case, dust and pet hair that make their way inside are more of a concern than surface dirt. Proper airflow within the chassis is critical to maintaining an optimal operating temperature, and dust can build up in the various fans (case, power supply, CPU (processor), and in some models, GPU (graphics card)), causing them to slow down or seize up altogether. If that happens, the resulting excess heat can cause the CPU to automatically drop down its speed to avoid overheating. Eventually, components might fail altogether.

Once a month, with your PC off, turn the case around and clear any dust you see around the air intakes. Use a cotton bud to clean the fan blades and other areas you can’t reach with a cloth. You might be tempted to hit them with a blast of compressed air, but don’t: This will only force the dust deeper into the fan mechanism and PC case, and could damage the fan.
No matter how dusty your PC may be, resorting to your household vacuum cleaner is not an option. The static electricity generated by these appliances will do more harm than the dust itself. Also while you have the PC out for a clean, just wipes over the cables with a soft cloth, no doubt they too will be dusty.

Remember to do this clean on a weekly basis and your PC will last that extra bit longer.

Thank you for reading.



For the majority of people these days, the internet has become an integral part of life, whether it’s business related, speaking to family a distance away or researching, shopping etc.
This is why it is important to find the best solution for you.
Downtime could mean money!
Here I will explain solutions for you, which you may want to act on immediately.
There are multiple ways to connect to the internet for PC’s and laptops and I will be discussing your options now.
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In today’s technological world, anti-virus is an essential piece of software when you’re buying your PC, viruses and malware are becoming more sophisticated at damaging your PC. Usually, getting anti-virus is an after-thought or it may be a case of ‘I’ll get a free trial off the internet’, the thing with that is you have to be connected to the internet, and that’s where the threat is.

Just yesterday a colleague of mine opened up an email from a client that unbeknown to him, contained a virus and instantly wiped his hard drive. Even though he had anti-virus software installed somehow it still managed to do quite a lot of damage.
To his annoyance and dismay this meant a lot of man hours have disappeared and many more will have to be done to replace the work that was lost.

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It does exactly what it says on the tin. Custom built PC ‘s are just that, you customise your own specification to your needs & build your own PC and then there are the store bought PC’s, which are generally for the masses and not specific to the requirements you have that need to be fulfilled.

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As with any of other item of value, research must be done to make sure you will be happy with your purchase and comfortable with the budget you have set.
I would suggest using Google, computer forums, word of mouth, social media and each company’s website, e.g. Ginger6. From these mediums you gauge a feel for the type of systems they specialise in, how good their customer service is, if they ask their customers what they want to PC to do for them.
Most websites will have testimonial pages, however the draw back to this is it’s biased information. Yes testimonials are helpful, although…have you ever seen a bad review on their website?
Companies who have an absolute 100% record can seem too good to be true. Therefore, I would always have a look around a few forums and search engines to see if they really are that good.
If they are, bonus!

Forums and social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Myspace etc are an excellent way of finding this information out. People are more likely to voice their honest opinion using this medium.

Click here for Ginger6’s Facebook page
Click here for Ginger6’s twitter page

Another easy research tool… your mouth. Ask friends, family members, friends of friends and so forth if they have heard of the company you’re interested in buying from. You will soon gauge a feel for what the company is like from their first-hand experience, if they have brought from there. Alternatively, seek information from independent review sites who are unbiased.
Ginger6 uses an independent review site called Trustpilot to collect testimonials from their customers. Click here to find Ginger6 customer testimonials

Due to a few Bank Holidays in April & May and the knock-on effect of short working weeks, there will be slight changes to delivery dates for anything ordered on Next Day Delivery.
They are as follows:

Orders taken before 5pm on Thursday 21st April will be delivered on Tuesday 26th April
Orders taken on Friday 22nd, Saturday 23rd, Sunday 24th & Monday 25th April will be delivered on Wednesday 27th April

Due to the Royal Wedding on the 29th April also being classed as a Bank Holiday, the delivery times will once again be slightly amended as seen below:

Orders taken before 5pm on Thursday 28th April will be delivered on Tuesday 3rd May
Orders taken on Friday 29th April, Saturday 30th April, Sunday 1st May and Monday 2nd May will be delivered on Wednesday 4th May.

We ask for your kind patience over this period. All PC System orders will be given a courtesy call regarding delivery.
If you have ordered an item and are concerned about the delivery timescales, please contact Ginger6 Customer Services on 01902 714 533 or email for more detailed information.

The most important stage of choosing a new PC is deciding exactly what you want it to do.

A PC is just like a vehicle, terms are used to describe how fast, powerful, efficient your PC can be, e.g. overclocking – to tweak more power, power consumption – can it handle multi-tasking but still be energy efficient?

The best way to decide how to choose a PC is to ask yourself this question…
“Would I buy a finely tuned sports car to plough a field?” Answer would more than likely be a firm no. Therefore you have to ask yourself exactly what do you want your new PC to do for you.

Start off by making a list of all the things that you will be wanting to use it for, internet, emailing, playing games, photos, video, design, accounts, the list could go on and on.

Next, list what factors are important to you, i.e. speed, noise, design, size, energy efficiency etc.

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With the help of Wolverhampton College, Ginger6 has successfully appointed an accountant apprentice. Adam Wright, 17, who is studying Accounts, Economics, Business Studies and Mathematics A-levels, beat 4 other candidates to the post.

“Hearing what qualifications the other candidates had in the group interview was intimidating, but made me want the job more.  I am proud I have got myself a full-time job and won the apprenticeship.” says Adam.

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I am thrilled to tell you we have passed ISO9001:2008 Quality Management Systems certificate, which is an internationally recognised accreditation.

By beginning the ISO9001 process, continual quality standards have to be met which means improving customer service overall. Read the rest of this entry »