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The reviews are going from strength to strength here at Ginger6, firstly we received a respectable review from Computer Shopper/Expert Reviews and now we had received confirmation that our latest review scored 8/10.
As a team we are pleased with the score we achieved, however we know we must not become complacent in this ever-changing industry.
This machine the G6 Fusion GTX460i was originally built for a previous group test which we narrowly missed out on the top award. We knew what a good quality PC this is, therefore we asked other review editors for their expert opinion and glad to say they spotted the great features too, so we sent it to Micro Mart for their opinion.
Freelance Reviewer Tom Bushnell says “The Fusion GTX 460i system is an example of how the right combination of components can come together to create a great computing experience. It’s all the things you want and none of the things you don’t…”
“I particularly enjoy how quiet this system is. This is often understated in reviews…yet the GTX460i is quieter than plenty of heavily overclocked systems i’ve examined in the past…”
To read Tom’s full review you can find it in issue 1155 dated 28th April – 4th May 2011.

It does exactly what it says on the tin. Custom built PC ‘s are just that, you customise your own specification to your needs & build your own PC and then there are the store bought PC’s, which are generally for the masses and not specific to the requirements you have that need to be fulfilled.

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As with any of other item of value, research must be done to make sure you will be happy with your purchase and comfortable with the budget you have set.
I would suggest using Google, computer forums, word of mouth, social media and each company’s website, e.g. Ginger6. From these mediums you gauge a feel for the type of systems they specialise in, how good their customer service is, if they ask their customers what they want to PC to do for them.
Most websites will have testimonial pages, however the draw back to this is it’s biased information. Yes testimonials are helpful, although…have you ever seen a bad review on their website?
Companies who have an absolute 100% record can seem too good to be true. Therefore, I would always have a look around a few forums and search engines to see if they really are that good.
If they are, bonus!

Forums and social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Myspace etc are an excellent way of finding this information out. People are more likely to voice their honest opinion using this medium.

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Another easy research tool… your mouth. Ask friends, family members, friends of friends and so forth if they have heard of the company you’re interested in buying from. You will soon gauge a feel for what the company is like from their first-hand experience, if they have brought from there. Alternatively, seek information from independent review sites who are unbiased.
Ginger6 uses an independent review site called Trustpilot to collect testimonials from their customers. Click here to find Ginger6 customer testimonials