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Here are 11 things you MUST check before you purchase:

Purchasing a new computer really is a big decision, and it’s vital to get it right, first time! Here at Ginger6 we want people to be able to choose for themselves where the best place to purchase their potential new PC is. By reading our guide we will help provide you with our 11 tips with what you should look out for when purchasing on eBay. There are over 1000 listings on eBay selling PC’s so how can I be sure which one is really the best one for me? How do I know which company I should purchase from? What support will I get if things go wrong? Is it safe to purchase over eBay and what payment options are available? These’s are all common questions asked by the consumer of today and by following our guide you will be able to decide for yourself not only what, but who and why you should by from them. Price is quite often a determining factor but here’s a list of things you really should consider:

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For the majority of people these days, the internet has become an integral part of life, whether it’s business related, speaking to family a distance away or researching, shopping etc.
This is why it is important to find the best solution for you.
Downtime could mean money!
Here I will explain solutions for you, which you may want to act on immediately.
There are multiple ways to connect to the internet for PC’s and laptops and I will be discussing your options now.
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