Custom Computers
make it your own
Home / Office Computers
  • Customise your own computer from a range of components.
  • Powerful Intel Core and AMD Prcoessors.
  • Build from a small home PC to a top spec gaming PC.
Gaming Computers
turn on the 3D
Top Spec 3rd Gen Core Computers
  • From casual to high end gaming. There is something for all levels.
  • New 4th Generation Intel Core Processors available.
  • The latest technology such as the GTX 780.
Home Computers
just for you
Core i7 Extreme Computers
  • Choose from a range of PCs that will suit the whole family.
  • Powerful Intel Core and AMD Prcoessors available.
  • Multimedia & Gaming systems included.
Business Computers
enhanced performance
Workstation Computers
  • Powerful processors and incredible workstations available.
  • Increase productivity with the right PC for your business.
  • Choice of sockets including Z77 & X79!