Intel Gaming Computers
Intel Core Gaming Computers
  • Latest Intel Z170 chipsets.
  • Choose from the newest 6th Generation Core i3, Core i5 & Core i7 Processors.
  • High performance with custom watercooling & extra fans
  • For serious multitaskers, gamers & multimedia enthusiasts
AMD Gaming Computers
AMD Gaming Computers
  • Choice of the latest AMD Chipsets & AM3+ sockets.
  • Choose between a number of powerful AMD FX Series Processors.
  • Great 'bang for buck' - fast processes at competitive prices.
  • Cost-effective performance for a high standard, immersive gaming experience at an affordable price.
VR Ready Computers
  • Ultra Fast Intel Core i5 & i7 specification.
  • A wide choice of the Latest 6th Generation processors
  • Ready for Virtual Reality Gaming
  • For serious gamers looking for the ultimate gaming experience.
  • Heavily customisable to suit your most demanding requirements
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