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Golf Simulator

Best Gaming PCs for Golf Simulators

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Golf sim is designed to run well on PC hardware. To play Golf simulator at its best on PC, we recommend the following systems:

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About Golf Simulators

Your set up is waiting for a quality gaming PC to take it to the next level. A gaming PC unlocks new capabilities for your set up and allows for a more immersive experience! Be the best and train in the best conditions with a Ginger6 gaming PC.


What Budget do I need for a Golf Simulator PC?

Ideally you will need a budget between £1100 - £2600 for gaming experience. To get the best gaming experience possible, it is important to have a budget-friendly gaming PC. It is possible to get a great gaming experience on a budget. By playing to your heart's content and not underestimating the importance of specs, you can make sure that you are getting the most out of your gaming PC.


A golf simulator requires a powerful processor to run simulator software as the greater the clock speed the smoother gameplay becomes. Hence why we have carefully selected the latest generation of processors starting at an i5 12th Generation processor released in 2022 to a range of 14th Generation processors released this year for the best gaming experience possible.


A dedicated graphics card is essential in creating an immersive experience that encapsulates the feeling of being on an actual Golf course! All our systems support 1080p display on all simulator software but for a 4K display on ultra settings look no further than the eagle and ace.


The amount of RAM we recommend at a minimum is 16gb of RAM to handle any simulator software and other applications simultaneously. Insufficient RAM can cause issues causing the simulator to run slow or crash. So going for 32GB of RAM can be more ideal but take into consideration your budget and the accompanying processor as a low-end processor will not use the full potential of increased RAM hence why our PCs have been tailor made to avoid bottlenecks.


Storage is usually overlooked and sacrificed when looking at building a custom gaming PC but in the case of a simulator it is important to have a lot of space as simulators tend to be extremely large. Not only have we configured ample storage, but we have used a Solid-State Drive allowing for quick access memory meaning quicker load times!

Gaming PC vs iPad

The obvious reason to pick a PC for your setup is the substantial difference in graphics performance. A gaming PC configured by Ginger6 allows for realistic graphics that far exceed the capacity of the smaller iPad or phone displays.


If you want to further improve or find out more about our Golf Simulator range, give us a call on 01902 714533 and we will be happy to answer any questions and help you configure your perfect Golf Simulator set up!