About Ginger6 Limited

Who We Are:
Ginger6 Computers is a computer hardware, software, component and accessory provider. Our mission is to professionally help people to buy based on informed and educated decisions. The operation of the business is primarily through our online store. We provide outstanding service, quality products and competitive pricing in two main areas with free delivery offered throughout mainland UK:
Custom built PCs, from home office entry level, to top spec gaming computers.
Extensive range of IT related equipment, components, peripherals, laptops and software

What We Offer:
Whether you need a single PC at home, a 100+ network at work, a gaming PC or just a mouse or printer, Ginger6 Computers will advise and ensure you have the appropriate and most cost effective solution for your requirements.

Browse our brand new website with confidence and buy any product securely online. We have an easy-to-find store in Wolverhampton, where we offer free advice and explain the capabilities of our machines and components, so you can make an informed decision.
Your bespoke system is built within 2-5 working days and fully tested to our satisfaction before shipping. We even have a next day delivery option for some products if you order before 4pm, ensuring an efficient changeover with no business downtime.If you are not 100% sure on which system is going to be right for you then call us and we will help you make the right choice to suit you.
Through an alliance between Kevin Wilson and Leon Street, Ginger6 Computers now offer a first-rate website design service. All sites are custom designed with extensive ecommerce and online sales advice; all the expertise you need to create a successful online business.

What Makes Us Different:
Bored with dealing with faceless multi-nationals for your hardware and software? Fed up having to accept an off-the-shelf product which doesn’t meet your needs exactly? Ginger6 Computers solves both these issues: the flexibility of building the solution you need but from some great people in Wolverhampton. Talk to real people! People who care and can talk your language! We’ve got your interests at heart (Because we want you as a long-term customer!), so rather than selling you a £1200 system that may be too powerful for your requirements, we will help you identify what equipment is most suitable to your needs so you get the best value for your money.
Our website is continually updated, giving you have the latest information on new products, product reviews and special offers. Why not sign up to the Ginger6 Computers newsletter and keep informed of new products and information? Or give us a call on 0871 230 7170.

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