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How Much is the Cost of a Gaming PC in 2024?

How much is a gaming PC in 2024?

In 2024, the average price of a gaming PC will be around £1200. This number will vary depending on the type of hardware and features that the user wants, but the actual cost could be any where between £600 and £3000 depending on what you are using it for, and if you need to purchase accessories with the PC.

How much is your budget for a Gaming PC?

Understanding how much you actually can afford to spend, and what you have to get within that budget is extremely important.

By understanding how much your budget is for your new gaming PC, you can make informed decisions about which features to prioritize and which hardware to buy.

What Games or Software are you Going to Use?

When someone buys a gaming PC, they're probably not just buying it for the sake of playing games - they might also use it for other activities like streaming or video editing.

Depending on what you are going to actually use the PC for will affect how much the PC will cost.

What Peripherals or Accessories will you Need?

Gaming Peripherals or accessories are items that are not essential for the function or use of a gaming PC, you can use standard keyboard, mouse and monitors. However, if you don't already have these items, then you need to factor them into the total cost.

What are the different factors that affect the cost of a gaming PC?

The features of the gaming PC

PCs with more features typically cost more than those with fewer features because they include additional features that are necessary for gaming.

Component manufacturers reserve the best features for their most expensive higher end products, and as such, in order to get those features in a PC means that it will have to be built with high end expensive components.

The games you want to play

The specs of a gaming PC can vary depending on the game that is being played. For example, if someone is playing a racing game, they might want a faster graphics card to see more detail. If someone is playing a first-person shooter, they might want a better processor to handle the intense graphics.

When shopping for a gaming PC, it's important to research which components are necessary for the specific game being played. This way, you won't have to waste money on unnecessary components or spend too much time researching which ones are necessary for your desired game.

The Resolution You Want to Game At

Higher resolutions require more powerful hardware, and as a result, they are often more expensive to purchase and operate. A high-resolution display can provide an immersive experience by making games look crisper and more realistic. However, increasing the resolution also requires higher-powered graphics cards, which can increase the cost of a gaming PC overall.

What are the different types of gaming PCs?

Budget gaming PCs

A budget gaming PC is a computer that is designed for gamers who are on a tight budget. Prices start from about £600 and offer a cheap way into PC Gaming.

A budget gaming PC can be used for a variety of games, including popular titles like World of Warcraft, Minecraft and Halo 5. They tend to have lower graphics settings than more expensive computers, but they're still capable of playing many games well.

Budget gaming PCs are a great option for people who want to get into the world of video game playing but don't want to spend a lot of money.

High-end gaming PCs

High-end gaming PCs are designed with hardcore gamers in mind. They typically offer better hardware and performance than standard gaming PCs, making them the perfect choice for those who want the best possible experience when playing games.

High-end gaming PCs typically come with more powerful processors, faster graphics cards, and more RAM than regular gaming PCs. This increased performance allows users to play more demanding games at higher resolutions and settings without experiencing lag or choppiness.

Additionally, high-end gaming PCs often come with special features like water cooling systems that allow gamers to overclock their CPUs and GPUs to achieve even higher levels of performance.

In short, if you're a hardcore gamer looking for the best possible experience when playing your favorite games, a high-end gaming PC is the perfect choice.

Game Specific Gaming PCs

A game specific gaming PC is a computer that is designed to play specific types of games.

A game specific gaming PC usually has higher specs than a general computing PC, in order to better handle the demands of gaming. These PCs typically require more powerful graphics cards, faster processors, and more RAM.

Flight Simulation is an example of a popular game genre that requires specifications slightly different to standard gaming. With Flight Simulation, the CPU does a lot of the hard work, so its the most important component to get right.

What are the minimum requirements for a gaming PC?


Minimum requirements for processors will depend on the games youare playing, but generally speaking, you'll need at least an Intel Core i3 or AMD Ryzen 3 processor. These processors offer great performance and value for money.

Graphics Card

Graphics cards are important for gaming because they help to render 3D graphics on your computer screen.

In order to play the most popular games, you'll need at least a basic graphics card that can handle the basics like textures, lighting, and character models. If you want to play more demanding games, or at higher resolutions or speeds, you may need a more powerful graphics card that can handle the extra demand.

The minimum we wouldrecommend in gaming PC is a Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650, this is capble of playing most games,although some willhave to run at lower settings.


To play most modern games, you'll need at least 8GB of memory. 16GB is ideal for most gamers, but 32GB or more is sometimes required for really high-end games.

SSD Drives & HDD Storage

SSD drives are a newer type of storage drive that offers faster performance than traditional HDDs. They are usually used in gaming PCs because they reduce the amount of time it takes to load games and other programs.

HDD storage is still the most common type of storage on gaming PCs, but SSDs offer a significant advantage in terms of speed and performance. HDD storage can become slow over time if it's filled with large files, so an SSD may be a better option for someone who plans to use their PC to play games frequently.

We are also seeing games that are affected by running on Hard Drives, resulting in stuttering and lag, so we advise that an SSD drive is essential, unless you are on an extremely tight budget.

Case & Cooling

As a minimum you want to look for a case that has good cooling, and sufficient fans to keep your core components cool.

Operating System

A computer needs an operating system in order to function. Windows, Mac OS X, and Android are all popular examples of operating systems. An OS helps control how the hardware works and provides a standard way for programs to communicate with each other.

We would advise that Windows 10 or Windows 11 Home should be used in amodern gaming PC.

Power Supply

A good power supply will provide enough electricity to run all of your PC's components at once without any problems.

Generally the minimum powersupply level is dictated by the graphics card in the PC, the higher the graphics card, the higher the amount of power required.

A 500w Bronze PSU is the minimum we recommend.

What are the different accessories that you need for a gaming PC?

Keyboard & Mouse

Keyboard and mouse are the most basic accessories that you'll need for a gaming PC. They allow you to interact with your computer in ways that a controller doesn't, such as clicking on objects or selecting text.

You dont need to use a Gaming Keyboard and mouse, if you already have standard ones, they can be used if your budget is tight.


Different types of monitors are designed for different purposes. Gaming monitors are designed to provide enhanced graphics performance. However a standard monitor or TV will suffice for lower end gaming.

Headphones or Speakers

Your going toneed to hear whats going on in your games, so you will need headphones or speakers to do the job. Again, these do not need to be gaming specific.

Computer Desk & Chair

You are going to need somewhere to locate the PC, keyboard, mouse and monitor, and somewhere to sit. So So if you dont have anywhere suitable, you need tofactor ina Desk and Chair into your budget.

How can you save money when buying a gaming PC?

Research the hardware you need for your gaming build

Before you go shopping for a gaming PC, it's important to do your research and figure out what kind of hardware you'll need.

A gaming PC is a powerful machine that can handle all the graphics-intensive games that are popular today. Depending on the type of game you play and how demanding it is, your computer may need different types of hardware.

For example, if you plan to play video games that require high levels of graphics performance, your computer will likely need a powerful graphics card. If you only plan to use your PC for general web browsing and office work, a basic processor and motherboard should be enough.

Before making any purchases, be sure to read the product reviews and compare different models to find the best deal. You might also want to consider building your own custom gaming PC from scratch if you have some experience with computer building or are familiar with various online forums or communities devoted to this hobby.

Plan for your Future Gaming Computer

Everybody asks for a PC that is future proof and can be upgraded, but it is never that simple. Things change over time, so components that are available today that could upgrade your PC, may not be available in 2 to 3 years time.

If you are on a tight budget we would suggest you consider the following:

Go with less RAM, adding memory is probably the easiest upgrade to do, so it is an area you could save money now, and easily add at a later date.

Invest in a larger power supply now.. It may sound counterproductive if you are on a tight budget to be told to spend a little more, but this is one area that is worth it. If you are on a tight budget, you will only be purchasing a lower end graphics card, so at a later date you will want to upgrade it, and if you only have a lower end power supply, you will need to change it at the same time,and that is a big job. By spending a small amount extra now, your PC will be ready to accept a more powerful graphics card in the future.

So hopefully that gives you a better idea of how much a gaming PC will cost? What about finding out what do you need for a gaming pc? Even better visit our Gaming PCs category.