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So.. How Much RAM Should a Gaming PC have in 2024?

How much RAM should a gaming PC have in 2024?

In 2024, a gaming PC should have at least 8GB of RAM.

16GB of RAM is the recommended amount of RAM for a gaming PC in 2024. This amount of RAM will allow your computer to run games smoothly and efficiently. Having more than 16GB of RAM generally will not provide any additional benefits, however there are some games that are more demanding, and need 32gb of memory. So make sure to get enough memory for your gaming needs in 2024!

What is the best type of RAM for gaming?

Currently there are 2 main types of RAM for gaming, DDR4 and DDR5, and each has its own benefits.

DDR4 is the most common,and most current gaming pcs run on DDR4 memory.

DDR5is the newest memory,and is only available on the newest generation ofprocessors,using highend motherboards. It is also expensive, currently double the price of DDR4, add to thenewest generation of processors and motherboards come at a high premium,any system with DDR5 memory is going to be extremely expensive.

What RAM Speed Do I Need?

RAM speed is the amount of data that can be read from and written to memory in a second.

RAM speed is important for gaming because it affects how quickly games can be loaded. A fast RAM speed will allow you to run more intensive games without having to wait long periods of time.

The maximum RAM speed will also be dictated by the motherboard, with standard motherboards maybe limited to running at 2666mhz, faster gaming dedicated motherboards with better chipsets can run faster memory.

What Is Dual-Channel RAM?

Dual-channel RAM is a type of RAM that uses two memory modules instead of one, which allows for faster performance and increased stability.

If you have a system that only has 8gb ofmemory, then it is probably only running 1 stick, so wont run as fast.. running 16gb (2 sticks of 8gb) will get the added benefit of running in dual channel mode, making it faster.

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